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Greetings and welcome to 'BOUNDARY CITY'! I'm Jagger!

If you're here, you either have questions about drugs or alcohol or you just want to have some fun learning!

Check out BOUNDARY CITY: THE GAME! You can play against other kids around the world. I'm one of the characters in the game you will meet in the game who will help teach you about drugs, alcohol and tobacco and have fun at the same time!

With the information on this site, the kids here at Boundary City, and the Sponsors of this site, hope to send a message to everyone of all ages and let them know about the different types of drugs, alcohol use, and tobacco.

If you're a parent or teacher and have some questions, check out our Parent & Teacher Question Box.

Have fun!

Here are some questions and answeres as well as some useful links!
Parent & Teacher Question Box!

Have a topic you would like to discuss with others? Or, you may just want to browse and see what others have to say about living a healthy lifestyle and be DRUG FREE!
An interactive way to learn the effects on the body, mind and spirit
View a clip of Levi, our dog here at Boundary City! (You'll see him in the game, too!)! He speaks about his addiction!
Messages from people in your neighborhood!

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